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Shortly About

Rahnuma the band, is a Rajasthani Sufi Folk Band internationally acclaimed for its unique style. The musical journey began in 2006 with the aim to spread the sound and rhythm of colorful Rajasthan all over the world. They express their itinerant life through their music and stage performances. When they fiercely play of instruments they strike each and every chord in the hearts of music lovers.

Rahnuma the Band, is dedicated to a very different and innovative style of music in which they present a fusion of 200 years old Rajasthani Sufi Folk with modern western music like Jazz, Blues, Arabic and Indian classical. The tunes with these flavor makes it more melodious and create something new from it.

The main motive of Rahnuma the Band, is to make current generation understand pure Rajasthani Sufi by mixing it with the taste of current generation. The Band promises of pure entertainment by getting people of different ages meet the soul of music and give them true mental and physical peace.

Kayam Ali Kawa is the founder and a member of the band. Kayam’s fantasy is to take the Rajasthani Sufi Folk to the highest level of popularity. He with the other member has created beautiful and musical pieces of 200 years of composition. Since he started he had only one aim- to give a shape to his fantasy and he did it with Rahnuma.