Our Artists

1. Kayam Ali Kawa

He is an Indian Tabla cum Santoor player. He has experienced in playing classical Tabla instrument near about of 15 years. He has performed in some International Music Festivals. Recently he has performed in "Thanes Music Festival" Switzerland. He has released his own album i.e "Rajasthan Roots 2006" in India and "Palstic 2010" in Europe

2. A. S. Saarthak

Saarthak was born in Jodhpur and is a MA in Music from J.N.V.U university. He is a passionate musician, a Music Composer, Singer, Sound Engineer and a music educator for elementary children.

Saarthak's love for Music has driven his professional career in many directions. He has been using his knowledge of voice production, melody, and harmony, singing, composing and arranging music for the entertainment of live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls, theaters, and also exclusively for recording and production studios.

Saarthak is now the lead vocalist, guitarist and composer with RAHNUMA Band and he has to his credit many beautiful compositions which will be released soon.

3. Rais Khan

He is a gifted young musician who plays the morchang(or Jew's harp) and the bhapang (a single stringed "talking" drum). A keen experimenter with the sound. He has performed with the international artists such as Rupa and the April Fishes.He is the performer at MTV Coke Studio, India.

4. Imran

One of the youngest artists Imran is one of the best singers on this planet and has easily smashed all the billboards in India.

5. Georgie Pope

A musician who makes musical connection between people. She is an internationally acclaimed harpist as her work to blend Western classical music with Indian classical music. She has also performed in many national and international festivals such as Literature Festival (Jaipur), TedX Conference (Jaipur).

6. Sadik Langa

He is an Traditional Indian Vocalist. He has also performed in many international and national festivals. He is the performer at MTV Coke Studio, India

7. Sandeep Soni

With over 5 albums in circulation, Sandeep began his musical career as a young boy playing the pennywhistle. Embarking on a highly successful solo career as a famous flute player, he has a wide variety of music performances under his belt.

8. Mohsin Khan

Personal Details: I have played many instruments like Drums, Congo, Timpani, Jembet, Octapad etc. Drums are my favourite instruments because they are most popular among youth.

Achievements: I have played drums with many famous artists like Mr. Sukhwinder Singh, Mr. Sonu Nigam, Mr. Hariharan, Mr. Javed Ali, Mr. Ismail Darbar, Mr. Salim-Suleman, Mr. Ravi Charry, Mr. Ojas Athiya, Mr. Roop Kumar Rathod etc.

I have performed in many projects casted by T-Series Music Company. Also I have performed in Taj Festival (Agra), Rajasthan Festival (Jaipur), Kite Festival (Gujrat), And performed in many International Festivals like Dubai Festival (Sharjah), De-Insta festival (Pataya, Thailand), Asiaad Festa (Malaysia).